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Atmófera jest zła is the title of my diploma project. This editorial project looks back on the period of my Erasmus in Poland, and has as its title the first phrase I learned to say in Polish, meaning:

“‘the atmosphere is noxious

This project is the culmination of my 3 years at ESAL and a small showcase for my collection of collections. It condenses some of the many analog pictures and daily notes I took during my Erasmus, as well as a small collection of scanned objects, love letters and other odds and ends. There are also a few audios to listen to along the way.

A pivotal period in my work and my life, this edition is an opportunity for me to close the door after 3 years at the ESAL Épinal, but also and above all to say MERCI / THANK YOU / DZIĘKUJĘ BARDZO to all the people I met in Poland and in Épinal.