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to Amélia Ada Louise Chavot

from Berlin
memories sensations colours words
the pain of having walked so much
pink snakes in a blue sky
red amplemann
green amplemann
verdammte franzosen
the joy of seeing you again
club maté and the crocodile
the ghost photographs
the inconsolable grief
verdammte geisterfotografien

© Alicia Gardès – ESAL donation

During a trip to Berlin, I discovered that gigantic pink pipes ran through the city. This inspired me to create a set of pipe stamps. During my Erasmus in Poland, I started experimenting, constructing letters and building a coherent typography.

The result is this poster edition, Verdammte Geisterfotografien, that tells the story of my trip to Berlin, in all its beautiful moments and great sorrows. This project is dedicated to my friend Amélia.