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Since 2019, I’ve been keeping these notebooks on a daily basis. These notes are a real space of freedom for me, made up of sentences I’ve heard, read, said… In the course of a conversation between friends, a TV series or a book, I take back the words that have tickled my ears, scratched my brain and tugged at my guts.

It’s a personal look at society, at my life and that of my loved ones, and a way of fighting against oblivion by preserving these bits of everyday life. It’s also a wonderful reservoir of inspiration that can be reinjected into other projects, and which I’ve had fun using in linocuts for instance. (cf. Engraved notes)
What amuses me is that everything is decontextualised, so that readers can also make these words their own and reinvent their own stories. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re not.

Pell-mell, you’ll find themes that are part of my life and that interest me : more or less legal substances, ugly puns for slow brains, mysticism, mental health, feminism, violence, sex, intimacy, love, the absurd…