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So today, I’m out of that box.

I’m learning to move, breathe, look and express myself outside its rigidities. I’ll be learning all my life. It’s a freedom that’s only real if it’s constantly constructed and questioned, with autonomy, in the sense of a movement and a collective refusal in the face of the insignificant and violent assignment of the dominant authorities (state, mores of part of society…).

And that makes me profoundly fluid and relieved.


One day, my friend Pio was telling me about their work, and in particular the insistence of some of their colleagues on calling them “Madam”. They then wrote a letter to their work to put into words how they felt about this situation. Pio sent me his letter to ask my opinion, and I was very touched by it. I found it extremely powerful, important and beautiful.
It seems to me that it raises questions about gender that deserve to be discussed, thought about and read.

So, in my own way, I wanted to pass on their words, by engraving them in linocut.